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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

How To Create A Private Torrent For A Trade


Private Torrents Are Easier Than You Think!

Most bootleg traders elect to trade online. There are many options for trading online including file transfer sites such as FileMail, WeTransfer or MEGA. Numerous file transfer sites are out there but these are the most popular websites for sending files. Other possible ways to trade online are FTP, DC++ Hub & SoulSeek, but using a private torrent offers some definite benefits. This tutorial will walk you through how to trade through a private torrent.

Benefits to using a private torrent:

  • You do not have to take hours and upload your shows: If the trade is small this is not such a big deal depending upon your ISP connection speeds, but if your trade is really large this can pose a problem even for someone who has awesome speeds. I know for myself I’ll go back and check the upload as its going along to make sure that it’s not stopped or there is an error. Sometimes when you check that upload has failed and its really annoying.
  • You can resume a torrent: Some of the file transfer sites will not allow you to resume a transfer if you should get cut off. Even some of the sites that state you can resume your upload or download, don’t always allow you to.
  • It takes less time: If you have a pretty decent connection speed it takes less time on your part. Once you have created the torrent and seed it you can go about other things and not worry about your upload failing or a file site locking you out for whatever reason. You really don’t have to go back and check it unless you just want to.
  • It is actually quite easy to do: Forget trying to upload a torrent on a site like DIME or TTD. This really is not like that. Since you are not sharing for the world you don’t have to follow a bunch of rules & regulations just to get a show to someone else. The process is quite simple.

How do I get started?

To be able to use a private torrent for trades you will first need to have a bittorrent client installed and configured. For this tutorial we will use uTorrent, but there are many other ones out there that work just fine. Many of the steps in this process will be the same on just about any client you choose to use. Once you have a client installed follow the steps below.

Steps To Trade Through A Private Torrent:

STEP 1: Ensure that you have gathered all your shows together in one directory and place it somewhere on your computer hard drive where its not in your way so to speak. I have my main drive split into 2 drives. I place all my torrent uploads on my D drive. I use it pretty infrequently, so it works out really well. I place all the shows in one directory with the trader’s name on it as shown below. Obviously you can do what suits you best in this instance.

How To Create A Private Torrent For A Trade Screen 1

STEP 2: Once you have your files all together in one place open your bittorrent client. Here I am using uTorrent. You can see that I already have another trade seeding.

How To Create A Private Torrent For A Trade Screen 2

STEP 3: Create your torrent using your torrent client. For uTorrent you go to the top left and choose “File > Create New Torrent...”. If you are using something other than uTorrent it might differ.

How To Create A Private Torrent For A Trade Screen 3

STEP 4: A box will appear with some information you need to fill out in order for your torrent to work properly. In uTorrent you can use a built in system, but I have not tried it so I do not know completely how it works. For this tutorial we will use a public tracker. It is crucial that you have an announce URL or else your torrent will not work.


I place both of these URL'S in the box, just in case one of them is down.



PART 1: Choose the directory you created above or the directory your files are in. As you can see below mine is D:\JohnDoe.

PART 2: Erase any other trackers in the “Trackers” spot under “Torrent Properties” and add the announce URL for the public tracker(s) of your choice.

PART 3: Tick the “Start Seeding” & “Private Torrent” boxes.

PART 4: Click the “Create and save as…” button to create your torrent file.

How To Create A Private Torrent For A Trade Screen 4

STEP 5: Once your torrent is created save it to your hard drive in a place you will be able to find it. I suggest that you save it outside the directory that you have placed the files for your trade. In this case I would save my torrent files outside of the D:\JohnDoe directory. Once you have saved the torrent, close the “Create New Torrent” box.

STEP 6: Now send the torrent to your trade partner. They should be able to use it just like any other torrent file.

And that, folks is how you trade through a private torrent! If you have gotten a private torrent file from another trader and do not know how to get your shows check out THIS tutorial!

Got questions, issues or need help? Feel free to Comment Below!

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