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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Easily Make Your Bootleg List In FilelistCreator


FilelistCreator Information

If you find your self struggling to create a metal bootleg list and maintain it easily, this tutorial might be for you. For this tutorial we are using a great little program called "FilelistCreator" by sttmedia. Since this is for a hobby and not a business, it is free to use. This handy program can be used with Windows, Linux or a MAC.

FilelistCreator is a super easy program to use and has several things to offer. There are many options for saving your list and it even has an import/export feature. You can save your list in text, xlsx, html or csv formats! For this tutorial we will be working with a text file.

Reasons To Make A Bootleg List

There are actually numerous reasons to make a list and maintain it. Here are the ones that I can think of off hand.

  • It makes it easier to trade. When you send an actual list to other traders its much easier for them to see what they want and choose shows.
  • You can cut down on duplicates. Having a list helps you keep up with what shows you have ensuring that you do not duplicate shows.
  • It's easier for you to select wants. If you maintain a list you can easily select wants from other traders and know that you will not be getting something you already have.
  • Other traders can copy and paste. Keeping a list makes it easy for other traders to copy and paste from your list the show(s) they are interested in.
  • Lists answer questions about shows. If you put various types of info on your directory name for a show it will answer some questions and make the trade go much more smoothly.

Why A Screen Shot Of Your Files Turns Off Some Traders

If you are one that would rather not create a list or simply don't have the time for it then there are a few things you should know. Many traders are turned off by someone just grabbing a quick screen shot of the directory with their shows in it. Reasons for this may vary with each trader. Some traders, like me, view it as being lazy. The way I see it is if you are too lazy to create a list then how lazy are you with your shows and your trades?

  • Do you check your shows to ensure they are complete and not lossy sourced?
  • Do you have enough information about your shows to answer any questions I might have?
  • How difficult will it be to complete a trade with you?
  • Will trading with you be a hassle?
  • Are your shows real and not fake?
  • Are you a real trader or are you a ripoff?
  • Do you pay attention to details?
  • I cannot copy and paste from an image, this will take twice the time for me to come up with a wants list.

What If You Are Not Lazy, But Just Don't Have The Time?

Well, that is different isn't it? If you are not actually lazy but just have a lot of stuff on your plate then a quick, easy solution could be the best thing for maintaining a list. This solution could be some sort of automatic list generator like the FilelistCreator. With this tutorial I'll help you set up your list and it should be pretty easy to maintain from that point on.

Easy Tips For Making Your List

  • Put each show in a directory even if its a HD show.
  • Name your directories in a similar format. This makes the list look a little more organized & neat.
  • Include as much info as you wish in your original directory name. This will reflect on your list when we are done.
  • Check out the program settings and set it up before getting started.

Open FilelistCreator. You can do this by double clicking on the icon in the folder where you placed it after downloading and setting it up. For this tutorial I'm assuming that you have already downloaded the program & installed it.

Easily Make Your Bootleg List In FilelistCreator Screen 1

The above screen shot reflects how I've set mine up. Yours maybe different from mine.


To create a list with your pre-named directories follow these settings below.

Easily Make Your Bootleg List In FilelistCreator Screen 2

  1. Be sure to untick the "Files" options and tick the "Folder" option.
  2. This is where you can toggle the columns. There are numerous options here that you can explore on your own. For the quickest list creation we are just going to work with the "General" & "Data Medium" filters.
  3. In the "General" filter put what you prefer as your "Column Header". This will put a header at the top of your list so that other traders know information about your list. As you can see I have simply named mine "VIDEO BOOTLEGS".

Now we will set up the "Data Medium" filter.

Easily Make Your Bootleg List In FilelistCreator Screen 3

  1. Toggle the button and find the "Data Medium" filter.
  2. Tick the "Volume Name" box if its not ticked. Then in the "Column Header" space give it an appropriate name. I put "HDD" because I'm generating my list from an external hard drive. This helps me know what hard drive the show is stored on. This is optional as some of you may not need this column on your list.

Click the "Search Folder" button.

Easily Make Your Bootleg List In FilelistCreator Screen 4


After you click the button it will open a new window for you to choose the hard drive or directory that holds your shows.

Easily Make Your Bootleg List In FilelistCreator Screen 5

Since I have my shows on an external drive I can click on the D Drive to open and navigate to the folder I want to create a list from. If you have your shows on an external/internal drive with no folder hierarchy, then choose the hard drive instead of a folder.


After locating the directory you want to create your list from click the "OK" button. There is no need to open the directory. Just click it to highlight and choose it.

Easily Make Your Bootleg List In FilelistCreator Screen 6


After clicking the "OK" button your list will generate. This may or may not take some time. It will depend on how many directories are in your hard drive/folder. The result after it has scanned the area will be similar to the below screen shot.

Easily Make Your Bootleg List In FilelistCreator Screen 7

Now click the "Save" button found on the bottom right of your screen.


A new box will pop up. Give your list a name in the "Filename" box and then click the "Save" button. If you prefer not to save your list in text format, you can choose another format in your settings by going to "Settings > Save or Load Settings...".

Easily Make Your Bootleg List In FilelistCreator Screen 8

You are done! If you have any questions or issues please comment below!

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