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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Free Burning Software For CD'S, DVD'S & Blu-Ray's


Some metal traders may tell you that you need to purchase certain pieces of software in order to properly burn data to disc. That is not the case! There are plenty of awesome FREE applications that you can use for bootleg trading on any operating system.

Why Burn Shows At All?

There are several reasons trader's burn shows. It used to be many years ago most traders would burn shows for Snail Mail trades. Now most trader's have fast enough connections to trade online, but burning the data to disc may still have some advantages. Besides the occasional postal mail trader who has a shitty internet connection, many traders choose to store their shows on either a data disc or burn the show out properly to listen to or watch offline. Bootleg traders that store their shows this way sometimes also collect covers and print them out for the jewel cases. It all boils down to personal preference.

Free Burning Software

Here is a quick list of free burning software for Windows, MAC & Linux. I have not personally tested all of these, so I cannot vouch for how well they work. In the future I will post some reviews and tutorials dealing with some of these applications. Download & try them out!

If you know of any free (not trials) burning tools please feel free to comment below!


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